How we can can help you and your business


Alpha Health Services interpret the instructions of the government and Public Health England/Health Protection Scotland and the most up-to-date clinical evidence to support businesses in keeping their workforce well. They use their combination of clinical expertise and deep understanding of how health affects work to empower managers and employers to make the right decisions, at the right time, to ensure the health both of their employees and their businesses.

The need for robust and increasing occupational health (OH) services in many sectors has been highlighted during this Covid-19 crisis. The need for advice from occupational health professionals on all aspect of business policy, the adequacy of control and how to protect our workers continuing to face the public has never been greater, and is the core role of OH.  Detailed functions of our OH team are:

  • ensuring those within the workplace are safe throughout
  • risk assessments and advising on appropriate controls
  • advice on home working
  • advocacy – lobbying for appropriate controls (PPE specifically)
  • ensuring workers are well enough to be in work, in roles that need to continue
  • providing advice on vulnerable workers falling outside of the government advice
  • ensuring safety critical workers are fit to work/ drive
  • advice on redeployment to suitable roles based on vulnerability
  • advice on returning to work following an absence
  • and ensuring that those within the workforce remain well, advising on and providing mental health support and assessing those for whom health is worsening by being isolated/ at home.


For any queries relating to this current crisis and the impact that it maybe having on your company please contact us directly on or call on 01224 596022