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Don’t Let Flu Beat You!

Influenza or ‘flu is a contagious respiratory illness associated with infection by the influenza virus that affects people of all ages regardless of general health and fitness.  It is also one of the main causes of short-term sickness absence in UK workplaces – but it can be prevented. The viruses causing flu change all the time and this is why a new vaccine is recommended annually by the World Health Organisation. It is not the same as a common cold or intestinal illness. Research indicates that the disease burden associated with influenza type illness in the workforce is not trivial and deserves attention to reduce the likelihood of contracting the infection. Symptoms frequently include headache, fever, cough, sore throat, aching muscles and joints and extreme tiredness. For most healthy people, a bad bout of flu is worse than a heavy cold usually requiring someone to spend a few days in bed. However, serious infections, especially in those with underlying health conditions, although less common, can lead to hospitalisation, permanent disability and even death. Influenza occurs most often in winter and usually peaks between December and March in the northern hemisphere.

Flu immunisation (flu jab) gives you good protection from flu and lasts for one year. The vaccine is made from the strains of flu that is expected in the coming winter as predicted by the World Health Organisation. – see
In order to remain protected, you need to ensure that you have a flu jab every year. Influenza can be infectious for 24 hours before symptoms develop. Individuals can also take steps to prevent themselves and their families from getting flu and other respiratory infections by washing hands frequently, covering any cough with a sleeve or a tissue, and staying home if sick.
Our costs are being maintained at the rates we have applied since 2005: £15 per ‘flu injection.
We will attend your site and deliver the injections (minimum charge of £150). A £0.50 per mile fee will apply if your site is out with Aberdeen. Or if preferred individuals can attend our Admiral Court Premises.

Flu vaccinations on site
On the agreed date the trained nurse(s) will arrive 15 minutes before the flu vaccination clinic is scheduled to start, with all the medical equipment required, and will deliver the vaccinations to the highest clinical standards.  Disruption to you and your staff is minimal. It only takes a couple of minutes for the nurse to give the flu vaccination – through a small injection in the upper arm.

All we require from you is:
A private room with two chairs and a table

Access to a telephone and drinking water

If there are windows in the room, blinds or curtains to provide staff privacy

Flu vaccinations at our Offices at Elevator Business Centre, Admiral Court, Poynernook Road, Aberdeen  AB11 5QX.

You will be asked to complete a simple questionnaire/consent form and then you will be given the immunisation in the upper arm. You will be able to leave shortly afterwards and will be protected after about 10 days.

We would also like to recommend that you consider two other vaccines at this time if appropriate for your workforce. We can give up to two vaccinations per person at a visit.

Evidence has been published suggesting that welders are six times more likely to suffer from pneumococcal pneumonia-for this reason a vaccination is recommended. This is usually a once only vaccine. Please ask for further details.

The second vaccine we are recommending for consideration is for individuals of 50 years or older and is designed to either prevent shingles infection (Herpes Zoster) or will significantly reduce the symptoms post infection. If you have ever had Chicken Pox you can get shingles (and indeed this can affect you more than once). This is usually a once only vaccine. More information is available at  Please let me know if you want further information about this vaccine.

Please contact us now to arrange your vaccination programme
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